Friday, March 20, 2015

Secrets, lies and liars: What is behind the Obama denial of information requests?

Secrets, lies and liars:

The Tri City Herald ran a story "Obama sets denial record,"  claiming that the Obama Administration has denied more requests for information than any other ... in the past year ... blaa blaa blaa.

There was a sudden rash of requests all right, at all three levels: more requests made, more requests granted and more requests denied. It stands to reason that they all went up together, but wait, there is more to this. The TCH -- and undoubtedly numerous other outlets, conveniently failed to include some of the most important details.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is a learning styles approach to education best for your child?

A learning styles approach is good or just okay for some kids, for others it may be essential.

Is your child struggling with the present approach? Perhaps something entirely different in order. A proper teaching approach, guided by a simple learning styles inventory, has launched many children into the exciting world of academics, minus the stigma of early failure!

Monday, February 16, 2015

How long is your nose? Groupie Liars, Hard Core Liars and other types of liars defined

Is it my imagination, or have the number of Groupie Liars increased exponentially in the last six years? You may be wondering: What are Groupie Liars? 

USA Police system obsolete: Antonio Zambarno-Montes of Pasco, WA is the last straw

Valentines Day 2015 Protests in Pasco Washington
Police who shoot-to-kill inappropriately are the result of failing cop-cultures.

The Pasco police shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in February 2015 is, or should be the last straw: The way our policing is done in the USA is not only obsolete, it is obscene.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Advice to an old guitar player with conservative political leanings

Tune up the guitar, keep playing, stop whining!

Opinion: Splitting the Northwest into homogenous blocks is bad idea

Frank’s thoughts on the new proposal to re-divide Washington, Oregon. Again. This proposal comes up periodically. This time two Tri-Cities legislators have proposed to split the Northwest, according to a Feb. 11, 2015 Tri City Herald article, Section B.

So they want to split the Northwest Region into competing, homogenous states. Have they really thought this out?