Friday, September 12, 2014

Foley beheading makes no strategic sense to me

Although I support President Obama's approach to the ISIS situation, one piece of the puzzle does not seem to fit, and it makes me uneasy. So here it is: Why would ISIS actually want to get the USA even more involved in its war to take over the region?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quips, sayings and novel expressions by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

The Truth (July 27, 2014)

We are all on a path to more truth, though sometimes we are at different places along the way. The important thing is not to get hung up in a comfortable spot: We should not be afraid to move along with the truth as it becomes apparent to us.


My Dad's Sayings

"Most people just don't know when they are well off." (Frank Edward Lockwood, 1921 - 2007)

"You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut."  (Oh, Dad, you were so right. And I still have not learned!)

"Too soon old and too late smart"

"We are good neighbors: He minds his business and I mind mine." (Oh Dad, the two seem to overlap nowadays.)

"If the President of the United States says something, you can bet your life that it is true." (I know, I know, he changed his mind later.)

"If you know there is going to be trouble someplace, stay away from there." 

"You didn't hold your mouth right." He always said that when I was fishing and did not get any bites.

"If the bucket has a hole in it, you better plug that hole." (With reference to money and budgets.)

"If you keep doing that you are going to end up in the poor house." (Whenever I was wasteful with money.) 

"Don't tell me: Show me."

My Mom's Sayings
"Everything is just peaches and cream." (When things were going well.)

My Great Grandfather's Sayings
"Eat it; it is good for what ails you." 
"You would kick if they hung you with a new rope."  (If I complained.) 
"Eat it, that's the best part for you." (Speaking of things like, apple peelings, bread crusts etc.)

More to come

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Senator McKoen sounds off on Obama's ISIL strategy -- He sounds "off" that is.

On Sept. 11, 2014, Washington, D.C. - House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R-CA) presented his strategy to defeat the ISIL terrorist organization at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). 

His remarks were just so off target.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ideologues talking down to our President are overdue for a lesson in respect

A recent example of the kind of flagrant disrespect showed up in the title to Forbes' July 16, 2014 article: "Obama Administration Doesn't Seem to Understand Tax Inversions As It Tries to Stop Them."

It is one thing to disagree with the President, or to seek to inform him of another aspect of an issue, but it is altogether another to try to speak down to him, as if the author were a parent and our President a child. This long into the President's administration, people like Tim Worstall should be realizing that this President's thinking is usually one step ahead of the opposition, and that he "understands" a  whole lot more than he has been given credit for.

But what ever happened to respect? Personally, I am tiring of the arrogant attitude that is displayed regularly on the part of President Obama's critics. We are way past the time that they started giving him some of the credit for his keen intellect that he truly deserves.

Opinion by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mental illness is on the increase: What are we doing wrong?


According to many sources, as a nation and as a world, we are now going crazy. Some are not enjoying the trip, but who or what is to blame?

Friday, August 1, 2014

I love all child refugees but … where will the money come from? Part III

Quote from a Facebook friend:

“Much as my heart breaks for the children who want to come here because circumstances are better … circumstances will not be better here if we allow more people to live here than we can afford to support.”

So says one of my Facebook friends.

Note: This is the the third in a series articles entitled “I love all refugee children but ...” In the series, I discuss the child refugees that recently started flooding into the United States from nations torn by drug wars, poverty and deprivation.      Your own comments and views are welcome as well.